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About Netfarms – Netfarms

About Netfarms

Netfarms is a web project set up and supported by Pen Lister.

After several years working as a web applications and multimedia lecturer in higher education I knew many students or graduates who needed decent website provision, so I set up Netfarms. My university colleagues also needed good simple web solutions, so this was the best way I could help everyone, without it costing an arm and a leg. Now I offer this service to anyone who is interested, and I have a few small business clients as well as my academic chums. I’m currently expanding the service. Contact me, and I’ll do my best to help you.

Technical Information for Netfarms

Netfarms runs on a WordPress multisite implementation. I use 1&1 Linux business hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth, and while it may not be perfect, has 99% uptime and has never given me any security issues to worry about in more than 10 years of using this provider. If Netfarms grows a lot, I would move to a dedicated server host solution.

The Netfarms web hub has been running for about four years, providing a modest website presence for small businesses, graduates, colleagues and friends. So far, it has remained robust and reliable, as well as being exceptionally versatile and scalable.

Current practice is to regularly backup the database and files, run regular security checks across the network, monitor all traffic (bots and humans), and also to run additional checks with exploit scanning technology.

To find out more about how Netfarms can help you, contact me on @penworks.

More about Pen Lister

I’m qualified: MSc in Multimedia Systems and MA in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. I’m a Member of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Im currently doing a PhD in the area of technology enhanced learning.

Current other research interests include the future of IPR and DRM models for digital products.

In my spare time I play cool guitars, write songs and listen to ambient electronica. I like watching animation movies and learning new stuff about building websites. I’m a super big fan of Ghost in the Shell.