Website Deals

We offer a variety of deals and options to get you online as quickly and easily as possible, starting with a free package for students, and going all the way up to more complex bespoke WordPress, Drupal or ExpressionEngine implementations.

  1.  Free site with free subdmain for students
    • 100mb space, with an option to get 200mb
    • free subdomain from a choice of names offered
    • choice of any approved theme
    • choice of approved plugins, subject to functionality and up to date version available
    • standard plugin build includes SEO, Sociable, Akismet (anti-spam), Forms with Captcha, custom CSS
  2. Customised themes
    • simple bespoke changes, adding custom logo, and custom colours from €180
    • full bespoke theme, unique design (POA)
  3. Buy your own domain starting at £15 (€20)
    • domains are £15 (€20) for 2 years
    • .eu, .com, .net, .org, .info, other top level domains are £30 (€40) for 2 years
  4. Business site options start at £500 (€600)
    • straightforward site on our network, including specific functions and sections, training, plus custom logos, images and uploaded content
    • stand alone implementation of wordpress, ready for multiple pages, member areas, ecommerce, high bandwidth expectation
    • multiple admin accounts
    • multiple landing pages connected to social media campaigns
    • complex analytics or social media implementations
  5. Additional options (POA)
    • complete bespoke WordPress templates and theme
    • import and creation of content
    • further plugin implementation and bespoke set up
    • dedicated hosting solutions for more server storage capacity or security
    • other content management choices like Drupal or ExpressionEngine


If you’re not sure what might be best for your needs, contact us using the registration form, and we’ll get back to you asap, with no further obligation to use our services.

[information accurate as of 15/1/2015]